Google Reader Alternatives?

So, how are you getting on with your Google Reader alternative?

I’ve not made the jump yet, since there’s still a couple more months till the service shuts down. is a popular choice, but I’m wary of the fact that it doesn’t support any way of exporting your feeds (other than Reader), and that it’s not web based.

Self-hosting it with Tiny Tiny RSS is one option, but I wonder if I can be bothered with the potential hassle involved.

My preference would be for a similar web-based service, similar to Reader, and also for compatible Android reader and podcast listening apps (to replace Listen).  One nice feature of Listen is that it syncs feeds with Reader so you can add new podcasts feeds to be synced to your phone purely by adding it to the web interface.

Free would be nice, but it’s not absolutely required.


Edit: I’ve decided to give Tiny Tiny RSS a go, it seems OK so far…

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