First Android App: Messaging with Offline support

So, I’m teaching myself how to write Android apps.  I’ve got Hello World under my belt, and for my first proper app I’m going to scratch an itch: offine support for online apps.

I play various games on my Android phone as I commute to work on the London Underground (WordFeud is a current favourite).  Naturally, for a large portion of this journey I don’t have network access, and I’ve wondered why there don’t seem to be any games that allow you to make moves while offline and transmit them automatically when online.  Is there a technical reason why this is particularly difficult?  It’s obviously not impossible, since both the built-in Mail client and the GMail app support this.

Inspired by this talk from Google IO, I’m going to implement a simple messaging app using Google App Engine, and then add off-line support for it.

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